Are Ihop Pancake Recipes Healthy?

IHOP stands for International House Of Pancakes. This of course explains why their most popular item is their delicious pancakes. They offer a variety of pancakes to meet anyone’s tastes.

It all started with their original buttermilk pancakes. These fluffy pancakes are filled with authentic country flavor. A normal stack comes with five buttermilk pancakes. You can also get a short stack that comes with three.

Their Harvest Grain ‘N Nut pancakes come in a stack of four. They are made with hearty grains, wholesome oats, almonds, and English walnuts. You can sweeten the deal by adding warm blueberry or cinnamon apple compote and whipped topping.

The Strawberry Banana pancakes are four buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh banana slices, cool strawberries, and creamy whipped topping.

If you like chocolate, then you will love IHOP’s Chocolate Chocolate Chip pancakes. These are four chocolate batter pancakes that are filled with chocolate chips, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and topped with whipped topping. They also have a buttermilk pancake version available.

Double Blueberry pancakes come in a stack of four fluffy pancakes that are filled with blueberries. It is topped with warm blueberry compote and creamy whipped topping.

IHOP’s Jelly Donut pancakes are four buttermilk pancakes that are layered with raspberry jelly and topped with real doughnut glaze.

Whole Wheat with Bananas pancakes are four whole wheat pancakes that are topped with slices of fresh banana and powdered sugar.

IHOP’s incredible New York Cheesecake pancakes come in a stack of four fluffy buttermilk pancakes that are loaded with rich cheesecake pieces. It is topped with cool strawberries, powdered sugar, and whipped topping.

IHOP’s new Strawberry and Banana Cream Pie pancakes consists of two buttermilk pancakes with a layer of cool banana cream in between them. It is topped with glazed strawberries, freshly sliced bananas, and whipped topping.

The new Raspberry and Peach pancakes that IHOP offers come with two buttermilk pancakes. They are topped with plump peach slices and drizzled with a sweet raspberry sauce. Whipped topping completes it.

IHOP offers a new Blueberry Cannoli pancake option that is a twist on a popular Italian dessert. It consists of two buttermilk pancakes that are topped with a lush blueberry compote and sweetened Ricotta cheese.

The Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Combo comes with two eggs, two bacon strips, two pork sausage links, and two buttermilk pancakes. The pancakes are topped with whipped topping and your choice of either cool strawberry topping, warm blueberry topping, or warm apple cinnamon compote.

With all of the pancake choices that IHOP offers, it is no wonder that they are known as the best place to go for delicious pancakes.

Look for Healthy Fast Foods

Fast foods are very convenient and cheap and are the preferred choice especially after a long day when preparing a home cooked meal seems like an uphill task.

Whenever one thinks of fast food, the term cholesterol comes to mind. Most people associate fast foods with bad cholesterol and unchecked weight gain. This does not have to be the case however, as it is possible to can order very health options whenever one visits a fast food outlet.

The first step is to consider the nutritional value of the foods that are offered at the restaurant. This will cater for any special dietary concerns. Some restaurants serve high quality natural food, which are a very good option as they are nutritionally superior.

A lot of restaurants also offer salads which are healthy, but they should be made using fresh vegetables, grilled and not fried toppings and light as opposed to high-fat dressing.

Most people prefer to drink soda with their meals, but water is a better choice. Soda contains a lot of calories while water contains none. Some people may argue that plain water is boring, which is a viable argument. A slice of lemon should be able to fix this. Alternatively, unsweetened iced tea can serve as a substitute.

It is also possible to make a special order. This means that one can ask for grilled, steamed or boiled food instead of fried food. This provides a health filled meal that does not have the excess unhealthy fat that is consumed with fried foods. Fast food restaurants like Burger King offer a flame broiled patty that is supposed to be healthier than a fried beef patty. You can visit their review information at the My Bk Experience Survey site.

Another tip is to avoid using too much salt on the food. Salt contains sodium, which should be consumed in moderation so as not to exceed the daily sodium limit.

Asking for the sauces, dressings and condiments on the side is also an option as this ensures that the eater controls the amount that goes to their food.

Fast food restaurants also offer some vegetarian dishes, which are loaded with nutrients and have less grease as compared to non-vegetarian ones. These are a healthy choice and they are also just as filling as the other options.

A fruit for dessert instead of a milkshake or ice cream is a healthier option. Fruits are available in fast food outlets too, and there are a lot of choices, from mangoes to oranges to apples.

It is therefore possible to make healthy food decisions even when you decide to eat at fast food restaurants.

Fast Food Chicken Wings

Pizza Hut Wings is also called WingStreet, which is Pizza Hut’s co-brand that specializes in chicken wings. Owned by Yum! Brands, Wingstreet has close to 2,000 locations in the United States, Canada and Australia. Pizza Hut Wings offers Buffalo-style wings and other menu offerings such as salads, soups, sandwiches, and wraps.

Pizza Hut Wings specializes in Buffalo-wings chicken done in 3 ways: bone-in, bone-out and traditional wings. The chicken wings are tossed in 8 different flavors to choose from, in two levels of heat: spicy and saucy. The Pizza Hut Wings flavors are varied and will suit anyone’s taste:

  • Spicy BBQ—both sassy and savory with a kick that hits the spot
  • Lemon Pepper—zesty with a little bit of twist
  • Garlic Parmesan—taste Italy with every bite, and the garlic is mouth-watering
  • Honey BBQ—sweet and spicy, just the way you like it
  • Buffalo Mild—has all the flavors you love about Buffalo wings without the heat
  • Spicy Asian—taste the exotic Far East flavors in the tangy sweet sauce
  • Cajun—authentic Louisiana flavors in every bite
  • Buffalo Burnin’ Hot—this is only for the strong-hearted and daring
  • And the sauce-free Naked wings

There are also 3 different categories for the WingStreet wings sauce: the Buffalo Mild, Medium and Burning Hot. Wings street offers special prices on wings on certain days of the week. Chicken Wing Coupons are also available sometimes as well. Often times restaurants like Popeyes and KFC will have seasonal boneless style fried chicken with buffalo sauce to mimic a wing.  If you want to see a fast food chain like Kentucky Fried Chicken offer these seasonal items more often, let them know at on their survey page.

Aside from wings, WingStreet also offers food items such as chicken tenders, fried cheese sticks, apple pies and the WingStreet signature potato wedges. Some locations have jalapeno poppers, curly fries and onion rings. When it comes to football and other sports, there is nothing better than Buffalo wings and a cold bottle of beer. For many years, Pizza Hut Wings was called the Official Wings of Football. The restaurant is the standard when it comes to football food outside the restaurant or bar. So if you are looking for authentic Buffalo-style chicken wings, you can have your food conveniently delivered or you can pick it up from the Pizza Hut Wings for carry out. The wings at Pizza Hut Wings are multi-awarded and have the bragging rights to some of the most coveted titles in the Buffalo Wings Festival such as the “Traditional Chicken Wing.”

What are the Causes of Being Overweight?

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The Milestones of Child Development

Definition of Child Development

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Wellness and Nutrition in Everyday Life

Everyone wants to have a healthy and strong body which can resist all sorts of disease. Luckily our body is one mean biological wonder equipped to face any kind of disease the world can dish out. We have a very sophisticated immune system which efficiently protects us on a day to day basis from relentless attacks of the harsh environment.  However, just like any other machine our body can break down because of neglect and improper maintenance. Constant care is needed for the body to function properly and it takes a lifetime commitment to have a sound body and a sound mind. To achieve wellness proper nutrition is needed and its regular intake is a must. Without the right amount of care for the body, wellness cannot be achieved. Read the rest of this entry »

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Important Details on Sexually Transmitted Infection

Sexually transmitted diseases (more preferably called sexually transmitted infection) are various conditions that could be spread through sexual practices such as anal sex, oral sex and vaginal intercourse. Furthermore these diseases are also transmissible through needle-prick injuries or even breastfeeding.

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Nutrition During Pregnancy – Why is it Important?

Throughout your whole pregnancy ordeal, you will surely experience a number of pains and aches. While midwives and doctors normally regard these are the normal pains in pregnancy, we now know better that is why eating a balanced diet is now recommended during pregnancy.

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Headaches

Each day, there may be hundreds of things that can create a negative effective in our daily activities at work or at home and evidently, one of these things may be migraines and headaches. To duffer from all the pain that may be brought about by migraines and headaches can make a person become less efficient and less productive. Put simply, the pain that you may feel will not permit you to focus or do your best on the things that you will be doing.

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Overcoming Stress Ulcers

Stress ulcers are generally found in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. Normally, they are brought about by physical injury like burns or surgery. These types of ulcers can be very serious, that is why it is crucial that one will understand how to treat them properly and what they really are. Stress ulcers are actually pretty common, people of all ages, from all walks of life are prone to suffering this ailment at one point in their lives.

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Knowing the Right Food to Eat

The saying is true. You are what you eat. When you eat unhealthy foods, you also become unhealthy. Most diseases affecting of millions around the world are mainly contributed to their diet. Diabetes Mellitus II is a lifestyle induced disorder. Several cancers are even predisposed by unhealthy food. There are just several diseases to name. Don’t waste your life in the future being sick. Right now, discover the good and nutritious food to eat. This will make your life better and happier now and in the future.

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